Sunday, January 13, 2008

And I'm talking to the rain

Rain should pull me to the side of any shelters of the roads I passed. Rain should afraid me to stay dry. Not this day. The day to bring me back home after prisoned me in my routines and made my head in crane.
I looked back over the 375 days I passed under the rain and have me riding along the way of going back home. Still with no rain coat or helmet covering me, but I felt fine.

I met you, the grey, I called you so since you were just as grey as my heart had ever thought. Was that love? Or Was that just fun? I just call it an unexpected relation. I couldn’t make up for I had been too overriding you and I’m not sorry for that. I couldn’t make up if my thoughts were grayish over you.

I met you, The red, the one whom I thought could fulfill my thirsty of brotherhood portray whom I can hold on when I need protection and whom I could run to when I want to find pride.
Hem… he’s chosen to leave just because little thing that caused his madness.
(That I thought just another stupidity to get hurt for a little and not too crucial trouble I’m done…. Was it wrong? Still it’s big question for me to find the answer. ) To make me feel relieve, I realize that the extra-ordinary thing wasn’t in me at all, he chose to ignore me but then honestly, I miss him once in my writing to my Di,
Missing to compromise the extreme, die hard rebellion thoughts you taught. I miss your anger as well as your tease toward my foolish…..
My second diary, he has left me at last.
And I'm trying to accept this bro...

Again I met you,
What color are you? I guess you don’t have that color any longer since I’m idle to you babe….  I’d grasped to catch our moment just to make up with,
I’m sorry I failed. It lost. Will you be delightful to discover where it flows?
No… you’re not that brave……

I met you then. Let me name you rainbowsince you load more than one color.
The one without any super stimulate passion but warmed me faithfully. ( I wonder where did you learn it?.....) The “flow with the wind gentleman” that has treated me in proper manner.
They said you are just ordinary man, you’re nobody, but for me you are super extra-ordinary…..
Yet again… You choose to sacrifice your self and not to fight for me but just keep me in (huhh…..)
I wish I found you just a decade ago or I wish we were in line to pass this script.
No matter what, you have that chamber within the hidden path of my bone as you’ve laid me in before..

Being wet and annoyed by thunder over my sky  I choose to be
B l a n k  
I choose not to blink for the moment
I simply prefer to walk along and being pleased with the bless I’ve got and run with the blessing behind the cloud…

I'm just trying to be realistic guys......

Some people come into our lives and quickly go….
Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts
and we will never ever be the same


  1. syukur kamu ga bisa... kl bisa bisa rusak nih MP

  2. Kl baca judulnya, jd inget iklan shampo Clear... "My name is Rain"...:p

  3. Emang km ngerti aku nulis apaan?

    ------- Stop! jangan ngaca n niru gayanya Rain ya.
    Sumpah sama sekali ga mirip deh xixixixixixixi

  4. artinya kira2 tentang org yg ga punya kerjaan and ngomong ma ujan knapa kok jodoku gak datang2 .....
    bener ta?

  5. Ha..ha......ha.......
    Begitu ya mas Jack....